What are your monthly rates?

Our rates are based on 3 months, 6 months and 1 year terms. We do not offer monthly rates. Monthly rates require more administration work and in order to keep our customers cost at a very reasonable amount, month-to-month storage rates are not an option at this time.

What do you charge to store at your location?

Rates are based on the length of your RV, boat or vehicle, how long you want storage for: 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, (it is more economical to do the longer terms), and whether the site is back-in or pull-through. For details on each category, please refer to our "rates" page.

Where are you located?   Your address is not on the website.

We are located 10 minutes east of Strathmore. If families are interesting in more information, we ask them to call 403-200-6032 and speak directly to us.

Is the lot on grass or gravel?

Gravel!!! Our lot is completely gravel. This is much better than grass lots because pest and rodents do not like to travel and play on gravel as much as they do on grass. Although gravel is not a guarantee to be rodent free, it is definitely a deterrent.

Is it fenced?

Yes, the lot area is completely fenced and gated. It is also right next to our private property where we live, so we are able to keep a close watch on things!

How do we go about reserving a site?

To reserve a site, an appointment is made to meet at our location. At that time, a customer contract and payment is completed. A designated site is then assigned.

Do I get my own spot?

Yes, each RV, boat or vehicle gets a designated numbered site.

How can I do the payment?

Payments can be done by cash, cheque or E-Transfer. We do not offer credit card payments at this time.

Do I have to call each time I come out to get my RV?

Although we are always happy to speak to our customers, they are not required to contact us when they are coming and going from the RV lot.

Can I access my RV year round?

If customers will need to take their units out of the storage facility during the winter months, we request that they notify well in advance of this so we are able to park them in an area designated for winter access. Otherwise, winter access is not encouraged. Customers can park in our yard, and go by foot to their units but clearing roadways in the lot area is not regularly done during the winter months.

Do you have problems with mice?

We have have very few problems with mice...Knock on wood! Several industrial bating stations are places along the perimeter of our RV storage lot. Through the instructions of pest control specialist, we do everything possible to draw the little critters away from our customers RV's. We also strongly encourage our customers to do all they can as well. Be sure that whatever it is, it deters them, not attracts them! Please see the following link for helpful tips on pest proofing your RV.
Here is a very good article about Rodent Control Click Here

Is there a sani-dump at your location?

No sani-dump available at our location.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, each customer is responsible for their own individual insurance coverage.
In many cases your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the contents within your RV but you will still need an auto insurance policy to cover the vehicle. Check with your insurance company for the type of insurance coverage you have prior to storing your RV.


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